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About ingredients: VIANEK


VIANEK are unique natural cosmetics containing extracts from polish flowers and herbs from organic farming. Their fragrances are pure, fruity happiness: raspberry, red currant, pear, apple, cherry, peach. 


VIANEK has six series of products for face, body and hair, which are distinguished by color:

Products are not tested on animals. We do not use any substances or from dead animals.
The expiry date is 12 months from the date of production, 3 months after opening

Herbs that we use for production come from organic farming from the purest part of Poland - Podlasie.

Our supplier is famous ecologic company Dary Natury

Dary Natury is a company operating in the field of herbal and healthy food. The company is located in the southern part of the region of Podlasie in the district Siemiatycze, in a small village located among forests Koryciny. The area around the company has a large forest cover and diversity of the area. These conditions favor the occurrence of a large number of plants, which are collected as a raw herb. In this area for many generations, there is also a tradition of collecting medicinal plants from their natural state.

Fields in which Dary Natury gains herbal raw materials (in total several thousand hectares) has been covered by ecological certificate. Their enterprise has no negative impact on the surrounding environment. 
Besides raw materials harvested from this natural state, Dary Natury uses yields obtained from crops on organic farms. 

Laboratory tests on their raw materials confirms the fact that it is very clean part of Polandy and stated there occurrence of any environmental pollution.